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Thank you for your support

I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve as your DeKalb County Sheriff. Having a deep affection for law enforcement, and a genuine concern for the citizens whom I am charged to protect and serve, I have tried my best to lead the Sheriff’s Department in a positive and progressive manner.

Being your Sheriff is more than a job for me; it’s my passion. My promise to you has not, and will not be, waivered; to lead with honesty, integrity, and professionalism that you can trust. I humbly ask for your continued support, and your vote in the August General Election. .

Patrick Ray

I have worked closely with civic organizations throughout the county, and I have tried to make myself available to the public at all times. I would like the opportunity to continue to lead our Sheriff’s Department in a forward direction. I have enjoyed working as your Sheriff. While a lot of things have changed in our communities during the last few years, my commitment for professionalism and accountability has not changed. It is my desire to continue working for the citizens of DeKalb County.

DeKalb County is a wonderful place to live and work and I want the Citizens of DeKalb county to know that I have a personal conviction to provide you with the accountable and professional law enforcement that you deserve. I pledge to continue to be a Sheriff for all of the Citizens of DeKalb County.

I am looking forward to continuing to serve as your Sheriff. If you need me for any reason call me at (615) 597-4935, or you are welcome to come by and see me at the Sheriff's Department.

Thank You!
Patrick Ray

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Professionalism You Can Trust

Having worked as your sheriff, and having been employed as a Criminal Investigator with the Warren County Sheriff's Department, I have a total of 25 years in Law Enforcement training and experience. I feel I have the qualifications to continue to fulfill the duties of the office of Sheriff.

It is my belief that every man, woman and child in DeKalb County deserve to be able to live, work, learn and enjoy life in a place without the fear of being a victim of crime. I ask you to join me in helping make my goal a reality.

The Ray FamilyMany of my friends and neighbors grew up in the same community where we now work and raise our children. We ask ourselves what we can do to make our communities safe for our families.

Being a parent, I share those same concerns. I want to put my experience, as a family man and a law enforcement officer, to work for you.

Please meet my family. My wife Dessa is employed with the DeKalb Utility District, and my son P.J. attends DeKalb County High School. Myself, Dessa, and PJ all are members of New Union Baptist Church. As a husband and a father, I find myself asking the same troubling questions. Are there drugs or weapons in the schools where my child attends? Would my wife be safe if she experienced car trouble on a rural road?

If you, the Citizens of DeKalb County, re-elect me as your Sheriff, I would make the safety of our families my top priority. Nothing would take precedence over routine neighborhood patrols and drug prevention campaigns in our schools.

I would ask you, the Citizens of DeKalb County, for your loyal support and vote, by re-electing me, Patrick Ray, your Sheriff on August 7 or during early voting July 18 through August 2.

Drug Prevention

Patrick Ray has over 25 years of experience dealing with investigations of illegal trade and manufacturing of drugs.

Patrick Ray has the experience and training to fight the drug war by using confidential informants as a tool to achieve arrests on large-scale drug dealers, and also the "street dealers", who are selling drugs to our children.

THP Drug HelicopterPatrick Ray has written in excess of 75 drug-related search warrants. These search warrants have been upheld in the state and federal court systems. Patrick Ray's in-depth understanding of courtroom testimony relating to drug cases, as well as other cases, has resulted in numerous convictions. Without successful convictions, the dealers go right back to work. Patrick Ray's record of successful convictions will make drug dealers think twice before doing business in DeKalb County.

Patrick Ray has taught many hours of classes relating to drug abuse, neighborhood watch classes, and neighborhood drug prevention classes. Community involvement is the key to winning the drug war. 

If this is the quality of law enforcement experience you would like working for you, please vote for me, PATRICK RAY, during early voting July 18 through August 2, or on Election Day, August 7.


Society sometimes thinks the only people affected by drug abuse are the users. Patrick Ray has investigated cases where methamphetamine users have cooked meth in the same residence where their bedridden mother is lying in the next room. The deadly fumes associated with the cooking process were clouding throughout the residence.

In my 25 year career of Law Enforcement, I have seen parents, grandparents, children, and others tragically affected by the results of drug abuse. There's not a family anywhere that has not, in some way, been affected by drug abuse.

I have responded to and investigated cases where a parent has cooked methamphetamine bedside of their own child's bed while the child is forced to use an inhaler to breathe properly. I have had to remove meth-contaminated teddy bears from a small child's bedroom just to keep another child from becoming a victim.

Patrick Ray has investigated cases where parents have been found lying unconscious with a needle in their arm while their small child goes unattended for hours and understands that WE ARE ALL VICTIMS, either directly or indirectly, of drug abuse.

In my Law Enforcement career, I have not only tried to seek help for the users, but their families and others who are also victims as well. It's simply not enough to just diagnose the problem, we've all got responsibility to do something about it.

If you are looking for a Sheriff with a clear understanding of how drug abuse affects our communities, PATRICK RAY is the candidate that is committed to taking on the tasks of addressing our county's drug problems. Please vote for PATRICK RAY, for DeKalb County Sheriff, during Early Voting July 18 through August 2, or on Election Day August 7.

Protecting Our Seniors - A Growing Concern

Did you know that the U.S. Census Bureau has projected the population of persons 65 years old and over will more than double by the year 2030? That's right. The 2004 census figures show that DeKalb County has about 2,650 senior citizens. That means that by the year 2030, our county will have at least 5,350 senior citizens, a number that indicates the changing needs of our DeKalb County population.

Sheriff RayYou might ask, "Why is this important?" PATRICK RAY, DeKalb County Sheriff, knows that as seniors grow in years they may live alone or have special medical needs. That's why PATRICK RAY believes that our seniors should have assurance and confidence in their sheriff and his administration and have a department they can depend on.

With 25 years of law enforcement experience PATRICK RAY will continue to be committed to providing CRIME PREVENTION and PROTECTION programs to make sure DeKalb County's seniors have the quality of life they deserve.

"Good relationships and communications with United States Postal Service mail carriers, drivers who deliver meals-on-wheels, home health professionals, meter readers for utility companies, and leaders of senior citizens' groups in all of DeKalb County are all important tools that I plan to use in my administration."

PATRICK RAY is committed to establishing his "Senior Safe" program that will be used to make daily checks on seniors and persons with special needs.

If you want a sheriff that is genuinely concerned and will be committed to providing a good quality of life to all of DeKalb County's citizens, especially our senior citizens, PATRICK RAY is the man who is ready to go to work for you on September 1. Your vote for PATRICK RAY, during Early Voting July 18 through August 2, or on Election Day August 7, will sincerely be appreciated.


Sheriff RayDefinition: The quality or condition of being

PATRICK RAY believes that HONESTY in little things leads to HONESTY in matters of great importance.

The Sheriff of DeKalb County should be:


I feel that I have shown these qualities in my years of law enforcement EXPERIENCE, as well as in my personal life as a son, husband, father, and community steward.

If this sounds like the kind of Sheriff you would like continue to serve you, please give me your support by voting for “PATRICK RAY” during early voting July 18 through August 2, or on Election Day August 7.

Questions and Answers

After announcing my re-election campaign for Sheriff, I have met a lot of people who have asked me questions about my desire to continue to be your Sheriff. I want to answer these questions publicly so everyone will know where I stand on these issues.

(1) Why do you want to continue to be Sheriff?

I want to be your Sheriff because I want to make a difference in the lives of citizens of DeKalb County. I want to demonstrate dignity and respect, either directly or through my employees. With my 25 years of law enforcement experience, I would bring integrity, honesty, and good leadership skills to our Sheriff’s Department. I want to provide the citizens of DeKalb County with a Sheriff’s Department they can be proud of.

(2) With current local budget concerns, how will you manage your department?

I have friends, family and neighbors who live on fixed incomes. Most every citizen has had increased healthcare and medical expenses, especially the elderly. I want to continue to provide professional, accountable and efficient law enforcement to all citizens of DeKalb County.

(3) How do you plan to continue to work on the drug problem in DeKalb County?

Drug Round upWhile the drug problem in DeKalb County has always been a top priority during my career in law enforcement, I feel criminal offenses such as thefts, assaults and other crimes should be thoroughly investigated as well. In my experience, I have found that the root of many crimes can be linked to drugs. For example, a theft or assault investigation may lead to one or more drug arrests. That is why all crimes should be taken seriously and professionally investigated.

By working in partnerships with our communities, we can improve the safety, security and quality of life for the citizens of DeKalb County through pofessional and trustworthy law enforcement.

Please vote for me, Patrick Ray, as your next Sheriff during early voting July 18 thru August 2, or on election day August 7.


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"My sense of service, to our community, is the driving force in my life
and is the reason I am asking to continue to be YOUR Sheriff."

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